Tony Winward is part of the A Tale of Two Cities ensemble, playing a member of the Jury, Mob, a Victim and the Priest in Darlington Civic Theatre's production.

After studying the BA (Hons) Performance & Events Production course at Teesside University, Tony graduated in 2015 with Second Class Honours (1st Division). He has also been part of numerous short films including productions by Winward Studios which is run by his film-making brother Andy Winward.

For A Tale of Two Cities, Tony attended the second audition that was held in August 2016 which he thoroughly enjoyed as it was the first time he had taken part in a theatre workshop since his time at university. He also enjoyed meeting local actors from across the Darlington area, and felt very privileged meeting the very talented director Eduard Lewis in his audition.

After being cast as part of the ensemble a week later, he began rehearsing the show in September and has since made many friends from the cast members, with whom he enjoys working in rehearsals. He describes the three directors in the show (Eduard Lewis, Katy Weir and Kane Husbands) as ''very inspiring' and says, "it's an honour to work with such talented and inspirational directors like them. And of course working with cast members who are equally as talented in such an amazing show as A Tale of Two Cities'. He hopes to continue a career in theatre after A Tale of Two Cities and hopes to work with many of the cast members in the near future.