We’ve loved coming to perform at the Civic Theatre in its last three pantomime seasons. We are welcomed so warmly, it’s like a family; box office, administration, backstage crew, wardrobe and state management teams.

This year as Ugly Sisters we were given Dressing Room One. Not because we’re top of the bill but rather due to the fact that it’s the only room close enough to the stage for quick changes that can house our eight frocks and wigs each. It’s still a tight squeeze. Carrying out quick changes is quite a challenge, with our fantastic, expert dresser Trish trying to manoeuvre us two over-six-footers onto our big frocks and wigs, in a little room, taking great care not to knock chairs over or repeatedly bash our elbows on the shower unit. The fact that the theatre will be equipped with new, more spacious dressing rooms will be hugely welcome for performers like us.

There’s no panto here for us next year, but we’re thrilled and excited about the refurbishment. The new theatre will be able to mount bigger shows and give the people of Darlington even more of the top class entertainment they’ve come to expect here and so deserve.

We can’t wait to see it and come back to spend time with our family in their new house.

Love and very best wishes,

Danny and Phil

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A note from Rebecca, blog editor

When I asked Danny and Phil to write this blog post (which they very kindly did, despite a long run of two shows a day for five weeks) they also let me into their dressing room so I could take a few pictures. This is what their dressing room looked like at the end of the run, when it had been their home-from-home for five weeks. Take a look at the scrolling images below.

And remember the beautiful dress Cinderella wore to the ball? Well, it doesn't look quite so beautiful when it's hanging up blocking the corridor! Imagine Danny and Phil squeezing past that in their own massive frocks. When we re-open in 2017 there will be more room backstage, as well as front of house - which will encourage more visiting companies and fantastic actors to treat Darlington's theatre as a home-from-home.