A Place For Everyone Fund

A Place for Everyone Fund

We believe in the transformative power of the arts and think that everyone has the right to experience theatre and participate in creative activity.

A Place for Everyone opens up the theatre to audiences, practitioners and performers, regardless of social, physical or economic barriers. Since the fund's launch in February 2019, £6500 has been raised from donations from individuals, businesses and charitable trusts.

To date, 112 people have benefited through the scheme, watching Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat or Peter Pan. For many, particularly children and young people, it was their first theatre experience.

How to support and participate

To support A Place for Everyone, donate when buying tickets through our box office or online, or contact hippodrome.boxoffice@darlington.gov.uk

If you're involved with a group which would benefit from the scheme, contact hippolearning@darlington.gov.uk


The Darlington Hippodrome Foundation (registered charity number 1047625) is a charitable fund we hold with the County Durham Community Foundation. It was set up for the secure holding of donations and so that the theatre can benefit from the County Durham Community Foundation's guidance and support on our fundraising activities.

All donations are administered by County Durham Community Foundation who manage the Darlington Hippodrome Fund on our behalf.  Find out more about the work of County Durham Community Foundation.

Testimonial: Darlington Assistance for Refugees

In 2019 our A Place for Everyone fund made it possible for refugee and asylum seeker families to attend a performance of our pantomime Jack and Beanstalk.

This was a valuable experience for all involved. Alison Holland from Darlington Assistance for Refugees (DAR) said:

"The visit to Darlington Hippodrome was a real success with parents and children alike! For many of them, it was the first time they had been in a theatre. They loved the performance - the music, the dancing, the scenery, the costumes, the atmosphere. It was especially rewarding to see the children laughing and joining in the noise...

Pantomime is such a distinctive aspect of British culture. Attending this performance has definitely provided new insights for the families and promoted their integration, as well as enhancing their self-confidence. Of course, it was also a chance to develop their language skills and I am sure they will always remember how to say 'Oh yes it is!'"

Some of the children sent in messages and drawings to express their appreciation: