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The Lost Happy Endings

The Lost Happy Endings

2:30PM, Sunday, February 23, 2020

Venue: Darlington Hippodrome

What happens when the Happy Endings are stolen? An original story by Carol Ann Duffy, created and produced by balletLORENT. Deep in the forest lives Jub, a magical girl with six fingers on each hand. Her job is to guard the Happy Endings to stories and fairytales. But one day an otherworldly Witch steals them, and at bedtime the stories are destroyed... Goldilocks changed the locks on the cottage of the three bears... Cinderella's foot is now too big for the glass slipper... Little Red Riding Hood is gobbled up by the wolf... Pinocchio's nose never stops growing, in fact, his nose grew so long that he arrived everywhere a whole day before he set off! As the Witch disappears with the stolen Happy Endings it is up to Jub to save the night, encountering many beloved fairytale characters and woodland creatures in her quest... Packed with spirit, adventure and glorious surprises, this fantasy family show will delight generations both old and young. Original score composed by Murray Gold, with set design by Neil Murray, costume design by Nasir Mazhar and narrated by Joanna Lumley.

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Running time: 120 minutes (approx.)

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23 February 2020 Sunday Book Online
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