Justin Hayward's Blue World Tour

Justin Hayward's Blue World Tour

7:30PM, Sunday, October 13, 2024

Venue: Darlington Hippodrome

JUSTIN HAYWARD - The Voice of the Moody Blues - brings his 'Blue World Tour' to Darlington Hippodrome in 2024. Justin Hayward says, “It’s always a privilege and a joy to be invited to play in the UK. I'm rediscovering songs I have written and sung over the years - some that I only lived with for a few days while they were being recorded. Now, I have a chance to experience the feelings that they gave me then, every night on stage, as well as including in our set the favourites that have been milestones on my musical journey. I'm joined by the ‘guitar genius’ that is Mike Dawes, along with Julie Ragins and Karmen Gould, two of the brightest young talents in all music”. Justin Hayward’s career is now in its fifth decade. He is best known as the vocalist, lead guitarist and composer for the iconic Moody Blues, whose hits include the masterful ‘Nights in White Satin’, ‘Tuesday Afternoon’, ‘Question’, ‘The Voice’ and the US top 40 hits ‘I Know You’re Out there Somewhere’ and 'In Your Wildest Dreams’: plus other classic, era and genre-defining hits. These laid the foundation for the incredible success story of the Moody Blues – as well as Hayward’s solo work – which continues to this day. This year Justin Hayward was awarded an OBE for contribution to music, by King Charles III. Already established as a songwriter, he joined the Moody Blues in 1966. Hitting his stride immediately with 'Fly Me High', he followed it with ‘Nights in White Satin’ and ‘Tuesday Afternoon’ from the seminal album 'Days of Future Past'. The Moody Blues sold 70 million albums worldwide, which includes 18 platinum and gold LPs. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018. Hayward created several solo albums such as 'Songwriter', 'Night Flight', 'Moving Mountains' and ‘Classic Blue’ with long time friend Mike Batt, and 'The View From the Hill'. He hit the Top Ten globally in 1978 with ‘Forever Autumn’ – created for Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds album. Hayward took to the stage and starred in its spectacular live production. His 'Spirits Of The Western Sky' (2013) was followed by DVD ‘Spirits…Live’, which reached No. 1 on the Billboard Video chart. 'All The Way' followed - a compilation of solo work and live performances of Moody Blues classics. In 2020, Justin took to YouTube for the ‘Tuesday Afternoon Video Series’ where he performed and discussed many of his key tracks: this led to the digital album ‘Tuesday Afternoons: The Audio Files’. Justin continues to record new music; in 2021 ‘One Summer Day’ and ‘My Juliette’, and ‘Living For Love’ in 2022. These 2024 dates represent a rare chance for Justin's fans to connect with one of music’s keenest talents and to hear the music that he loves presented with a truly personal touch.

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Running time: 135 minutes (approx.)

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