The Northern Soul Classics Orchestra

The Northern Soul Classics Orchestra

7:30PM, Tuesday, January 28, 2025

Venue: Darlington Hippodrome

THE NORTHERN SOUL CLASSICS ORCHESTRA will take you on a musical journey that's steeped in nostalgia yet bursting with timeless energy. The 5 piece rhythm section lays down a beat so deep you'll feel it in your bones, while our powerhouse 7 piece brass section blares with a force that can lift your spirits to new heights. Our four vocalists channel the spirit of Northern Soul with harmonies that send shivers down your spine and a stage presence that oozes charisma. So, don your sharpest threads and get ready to be transported to a world where soulful melodies and irresistible sounds reign supreme. With over 30 classic Northern Soul songs, whether you're a die-hard Northern Soul enthusiast or a newcomer to the scene, The Northern Soul Classics Orchestra is here to make your heart sing, your feet tap along, and your soul soar.

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