ODDMANOUT presents Chilli Sauce

ODDMANOUT presents Chilli Sauce

Friday 30 June, 6pm
Quaker Meeting House
Pay What You Decide

It’s 2am. Some are flying solo, some have hooked up, for some it started off as ladies' night, and others, well, boys will be boys. Pretty steaming, but all have one last stop to make before they take the long intrepid journey home concentrating on a) where they live and b) not to vom in the back of the cab, £10 charge. It’s ‘Chilli Sauce’, the man in the kebab van, where the kebabs are hot and the clientele ever hotter, well most of them, erm… maybe some of them. I’ll be honest the kebabs are pretty good like, but it’s the constant stream of stories passing through George’s patch that make it the place to be on a Saturday night. It unknowingly brings together a community separated by today.

An exploration of modern Britain through the people living it, Chilli Sauce looks at those turning against each other and asks what would happen if they joined together for a bigger cause. 

So why not join us at George’s kebab van, take up your seat, grab a beer and watch the story unfold. With live music, lots of liquor, and stories already familiar to many of us, see what happens both behind and in front of the counter when the kebab unites a community. 

The evening will include a scratch performance with Chris Connel, Zoe Lambert, and members of the local community of  upcoming production Chilli Sauce. There will also be a forum event for the local community and industry to discuss the responsibilities a theatre company has within their community.  So grab a kebab and a drink and enjoy the show.

Suitable for age 14+. Please note this performance takes place outdoors. 

This is a Pay What You Decide performance. Book your ticket at nil value. Then, after you’ve seen the show, decide what you would like and are able to pay, place the cash in the envelope along with the ticket, seal the envelope and put it in the box on the way out.

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